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Emerson’s birth story…

All is well with Emerson. I’ll post more about the first week later. But, as promised, here are the ‘notes’ I kept on my iPhone (slightly polished and edited) about Libby’s labor and Emerson’s birth story. I wanted to get them online before time slipped away and I forgot.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2:30pm – Ate late lunch at Red Lobster.

3:30 – Water ‘broke’ @ grocery store. Slow leak. Finished shopping.

3:45 – Drove home. Called doctor en route. Picked up bags. Called parents.

4:30 – Arrived at hospital. Pants soaked. Skipped triage.

5:30 – Started ‘pit drip’ (Oxytocin) to induce labor. Played UNO. Nothing happening. Called parents. Dosage kept getting increased. No ‘real’ contractions.

7:30 – Dr. Sanchez arrived (oh joy, L’s least favorite). Inserted intrauterine monitor. This hurt like hell and almost made L cry. L said “It was bad. It was bad!” L at 3cm. Monitor wasn’t working properly… screwed around with that for a while.

8:00 – At much higher dosage, contractions (and pain) started.

8:45 – L asked for epidural and nurse started setup.

9:30 – Epidural finished – went in without a hitch. Great anesthetist – former IVF patient!

9:45 – Pain gone. L happy again.

10:00 – I went for food. Got salami sandwich on onion bun and BBQ chips from UCH’s deli. Returned to room w/ food. Called parents.

10:30 – Nurse checked L: minor progress. Nurse concerned about decline in E’s heart rate during contractions. OK if at 7-8cm. Problematic at 3cm.

11:00 – Reduced drip rate of Oxytocin. Seeing if this will reduce heart rate ‘dips.’ Although it hasn’t been mentioned, we are starting to think a C-section is coming. We shall see.

11:15 – ‘Pit drip’ stopped. Dr. Rousch (now on call; never seen before) called for consult. Libby’s now very nervous and worried – she’s shaking like a leaf. I’m a bit worried too and wish I could do something. :-(

Sunday, February 7, 2010

12:00am – Dr Rousch arrived. Not an ‘emergency’ now. Two options: 1) try ‘pit drip’ again (monitor closely; move to c-section), or 2) skip ahead to c-section now. We quickly made the decision to do the c-section for the benefit of L and E. I had already made my mind up on that front around 11:00. Called parents.

12:30 – We leave for OR. I wait outside while L is prepared for surgery.

~12:45 – I go into the OR.

12:52 – Emerson is born! 7 lbs. 5 oz. 20” long. All is well.

~1:15 – We return to L&D room.

1:30 – Called parents.

1:45 – L feeds E for the first time.

~2:30 – L moved to Mother/Baby room.

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We’re home…

We were released from the hospital today around 3:30 in the afternoon. We’re trying to get ourselves sorted out and settled into a routine. L & E are both doing well.

I have to get back to at least some work duties tomorrow. It’s a very busy time for me professionally. Fortunately, my mother will be coming over to help out during the day. I also have my follow-up ‘procedure’ at the dermatologist tomorrow for my mildly-to-moderately abnormal nevis (mole).

I’m really tired. I’ll try to post more tomorrow and in the following days (the birth story, me as “Mr. Mom,” additional pictures, and my reaction to it all).

Again, thanks to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations! I’ll try to respond personally soon. I promise. I just have my hands full now. :-)

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Emerson’s first photos

Here is her first ‘official’ portrait: :-)

Emerson (about 3 minutes old)

And, for those of you not easily grossed out… some awesome (if I say so myself) photos of her C-section birth.

Emerson's birth...

Emerson delivered...

More to follow later… along with the “rest of the story.”

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Emerson is here!

I’ll fill you all in on the details later, but I’m pleased to announce that Emerson was born at 12:52 this morning via c-section. I’ll also post some pictures later this morning. It’s now 4ish and we’re all a bit tired. But, I won’t to post this quick update via the iPhone.

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