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Meanwhile in the kitchen…

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that until the proverbial bun is closer to exiting the oven expectant fathers have almost nothing to do. I’m not saying that L’s pregnancy has been dragging on forever… only that it’s pretty boring siting in the parking lot at Fatherland waiting for the gates to open. I think it’s one of the reasons—in addition to a lot of travel and work responsibilities—that I haven’t posted a lot on the blog lately. There’s really not a lot to talk about. Pregnancy-wise everything has been (blissfully) normal and uneventful.

In some ways, it’s a lot like the waiting to start IVF. Once the plan was in place and the treatment paid for, we pretty much just sat around and waited for the games to begin. My (online) friend Myndi, who’s getting ready to start an IVF cycle, was commenting on this the other day.

So, here we are: standing around in the kitchen….

She’s waiting for her dough to rise. For my part, I’m waiting for the cinnamon bun to get a little closer to done before I start making the icing and putting on the coffee.

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2 Responses to “Meanwhile in the kitchen…”

  1. Another Juliaon Sep 7th 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Wait..pretty soon you’ll be in charge of the emergency “I need Rocky Road ice cream NOW!” trips. Or the “can you please tie my shoes, since I can’t see my feet” follies.
    There will be plenty to do, don’t you worry!
    Glad to hear all is quiet on the pregnancy front. :)

  2. Myndion Sep 12th 2009 at 2:46 am

    I must agree. Soon you will have plenty on your plate, if things become stereotypical. Plus, there is prepping for delivery day as well. You are going to be her greatest support during the big event, and there is tons you can do for her during that time. So, you could always be studying up on the million and one ways to help her through that. Perhaps I forget to whom I’m speaking…chances are good you’ve already mastered a million and two. ;)

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