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Week 36

On Tuesday, L and I went for her weekly check-up and a sonogram to see if Emerson had turned (she’d been transverse previously). She’s now heads down and looking good, as well as estimated at a weight of 6 lbs 3 oz. We also learned that L was about 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.

I wasn’t sure what that really means. After further research, I learned it has no predictive value with respect to when Emerson will make her appearance (other than sometime in the next few weeks).

So, we wait.

Baby Shower

Yesterday, L had a baby shower hosted by the teachers and fellow administrators at her school. They really did a great job of organizing things—especially a teacher named Allison, who I think could become a professional shower planner—and it made for quite the haul of (mostly useful, thankfully) gifts.

Here’s a photo of a diaper cake (very creative, I thought):

Diaper Cake

Not to be excluded on my side, a good friend and co-worker of mine sent a really nice gift (Fisher Price’s “Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing”). I have to imagine Emerson will love that… sweet!


So, I went to the dermatologist on Tuesday for a “skin check.”

I have a couple of friends with melanoma. Not fun. Given my increasing penchant for hypochondria as I grow older, I thought it better to be safe than sorry.

It turned out that most of my moles, spots, and whatnots were fine. However, I was also told that I had “one lesion that might look suspicious” and that they “wanted to perform a biopsy—just to be safe.”

Holy crap!

I’ve talked in the past about my other psychological tick: occasional (mild) panic attacks. This news brought one on. Although, unlike the usual chest pains (which I’ve grown accustomed to), this time I starting sweated like a pregnant nun on her way to confession and then suddenly lost most of my ability to hear. Can you imagine?

Dr. Google tells me this is called “psychogenic hearing loss.”

Thankfully, it passed quickly. I get the biopsy results in two weeks. Perhaps, I’m just jealous of all my IVF sisters who’ve gone through the “two week wait” (2WW).

However, this time I’m really hoping for a BFN! :-)

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2 Responses to “Week 36”

  1. Myndion Jan 16th 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Oh gosh, I sure hope the biopsy comes back beautiful. Just another man with an odd spot on him, but nothing to worry about. I can imagine how stressful that must have been (and must still be!), and so close to the delivery, too. I have faith all will be good. ;)

    So, are you and L all ready? Baby clothes washed and put away, room complete, diapers available and waiting for a baby booty to wrap around, bag packed for the hospital….it could literally be any day now! Granted, first time around it’s often past the due date (don’t tell L I said that!), but you never know…I can’t believe it’s almost here!

    Was wondering, will you post pics after the birth? If not…maybe you could email me one or two? I’m so eager to see how beautiful Emerson is!

  2. Paulon Jan 17th 2010 at 9:02 am

    Thanks. Yeah, after the brief “holy crap” moment, I’ve actually not been too worried about it. I think all will be well. :-)
    As for being ready, I think we’re mostly set. We’re finishing up the bag packing this weekend and made the last purchases of stuff (which we held out for until after her shower). We’re also still putting away the gifts from the shower. But, if Emerson were to arrive today, I think we’d be fine. At present, I’m just waiting for the starting gun to sound.

    I will most certainly post pics here on the blog! But, I might e-mail a couple too if I don’t get to the blog update right away.

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