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Life returns to normal (sort of)

Following last week’s IVF excitement (retrieval, transfer, etc.), this week seems to have pretty much returned to a steady state. If I understand the biology correctly, the blastocyst should have “hatched” yesterday and begun attaching to the uterus today. Of course, this presumes that everything has gone well. And, that’s a huge (and, statistically speaking, most likely faulty) assumption.

So, we’re just trying to go on with life as normal. We returned to work after the long holiday weekend. Tonight, I cooked a mustard and peppercorn encrusted pork tenderloin and roasted red potatoes. We ate and watched episode #10 of HBO’s True Blood.

After dinner, I gave L her nightly PIO shot, did the dishes (having taken over all domestic duties in an effort to “be helpful”), and wrote some posts/replies on the blog.

Thus far, the waiting for next Friday’s results hasn’t been too bad. Yet.

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