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Graduation Day

Following yesterday’s ultrasound, we met briefly with Dr. Goodman, L’s reproductive endocrinologist at the Reproductive Medicine Group. She seemed genuinely thrilled about our success… complete with an ear-to-ear grin and hugs for us both! Up to this point, she’d been mostly “down to business” (which I appreciated), but I have to say that L and I have been very favorably impressed by the RMG throughout. They’ve been both technically competent (obviously) but also demonstrably caring.

In short, we’d highly recommend the Reproductive Medicine Group.

Now returning to regularly scheduled programming…

Yesterday was also graduation day for us. This was (thankfully / mercifully / hopefully) our last trip to the RE office. We’re now just a “normal couple” expecting their first kid. So, L will be headed back to her regular OB/GYN practice (after confirmation w/ Dr. G that it was “recommended” by her).

L’s first appointment at the OB’s office is next Wednesday. I think I’m planning to attend this appointment too. My schedule should allow for it, as I have a short business trip (leaving tomorrow, returning on Tuesday) to a conference.

Here’s a gift for the lovely parting contestants.

WTEWYE -- The Book

As a graduation gift from the RMG, we were given a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” I’d been tempted to order this on Amazon, but then I opted not to because I’d read a lot of reviews that said (paraphrasing) “this book will scare the shit out of you.”

Not exactly something I thought we’d need. :-)

That said, having now read a lot of it, I think it’s only scary to the uber-fertiles, who are generally (as we all know) completely and utterly ignorant about matters of conception and pregnancy compared to their IF counterparts. I was surprised by both how much I already knew (good Paul!) and how much we’d already been through (good news!).

Conception: Ha! (ROFL) Check. (After writing a large one.)

Dietary changes / restrictions: check.

Activity restrictions: check.

Symptoms: check, check, check.

First month: check.

Second month: check. (Well, nearly over…)

Knowing that shit can go wrong: check. (All too familiar).

So, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” isn’t too scary at all (and an easy read).

No more PIO shots! Ohhh… maybe not!

Finally, we learned yesterday that L could stop the IM PIO shots, if she wished, and move on to Crinone (a Vaginal gel), but when we called the pharmacy we got a crazy price for the product ($405 for a 12 day supply, which we’d probably need to order twice).

Libby’s attitude: “Fuck that! I’ll stick with the shots.”

So, it seems that we’ll continue the PIO shots until: 1) we find a lower price for Crinone, 2) we get Crinone covered by my medical insurance (possible as this is for pregnancy, not infertility), 3) our doctor switches the prescription to a lower cost alternative, or 4) we simply make it through the end of week nine (when all progesterone support ends).

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2 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. Another Juliaon Jun 27th 2009 at 9:32 pm

    Holy price tag, Batman! I had no idea that Crinone was so expensive! I think I’d stick with the shots, too, especially short-term. Libby is right!

    Congratulations on the one beautiful little bean…I would have bet the farm on there being more than one. Although twins are great, and can do very well, I was relieved to have singleton pregnancies the last two IVF/ICSI cycles. Lower risk of complications, for sure! (I’m sure you will have NO problems at all). It’s a weird feeling when you graduate to regular OB care, but it’s awesome, isn’t it?

    Gorgeous ultrasound pic….it’s going to look fantastic at the beginning of a baby book!


  2. Paulon Jul 1st 2009 at 10:28 pm

    Thanks, Julia!

    Yes, it is both weird and awesome! It’s kind of hard to get your head around being “normal” (in L’s case) or being “weird, but nonetheless someone’s future parent” (in my case). :-)

    btw, I’ll still take the winning lottery numbers. :-) Heck, I’ll even split the winnings with you.

    I still think of you as one of our “good luck” charms (along with the blue [for boys] jeans and pink [for girls] polo shirt that have become my “going to an important fertility-related event” uniform). I know. I’m too cute for words. :-)

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