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Men in the IVF blogosphere

One of L’s favorite infertility / IVF blogs is Murgdan’s Conceive This!, which I can understand as it is both smart and funny (something I aspire to achieve here).   

Anyway, Murgdan had an even crappier day yesterday than us, as IVF cycle #1 officially flamed out with a negative result on her blood test. This was after a seemingly successful cycle and a five-day transfer of two good embryos. Of course, she posted these results on her blog and a flood of supportive comments came pouring in.

In looking at the comments, I noticed most were from women. It seems there aren’t nearly as many dudes (at least not actively participating) in the IVF blogosphere. I think that’s unfortunate. And, it’s one of the things I’m hoping this blog will provide: a male voice on issues of infertility.

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