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Week 37

Yesterday was a big day for a couple of reasons:

First, we went to the OB’s office for L’s week 37 check-up. It was actually fortuitous timing because she began having the first signs of contractions the prior night! She described these as “relatively minor menstrual cramps” (something she hasn’t felt in many months) and the doctor confirmed this was a natural and expected step forward.

I think the realization that her happy and blissfully uneventful pregnancy is coming to an end really hit her yesterday. She’s (understandably) nervous about going through labor and deliver. She wants to “do a good job” (which, while I’m not sure what exactly that means, is very much in keeping with her personality).

Second, L started her maternity leave officially yesterday. She’ll now be off from work—with full pay and benefits—through at least May 1. She actually has about another six weeks of fully paid leave that she could take, but she’s going to keep her powder dry in case she needs that time at a later date for Emerson. This is a huge, if albeit temporary, transition for her.

Car seat update

In other news, we’re finalizing the last bit of preparation for the arrival of Emerson. I looked into getting the car seat checked, but I found out that local fire and police don’t assist in our area. The closest location is nearly twenty miles away! Good grief. I’m going to wait for the arrival of the seat protectors / bucket inserts and then take another run at it myself. Using the LATCH system and tightening isn’t the problem… it’s mostly just overcoming the design “limitations” with our cars.

I kind of “get” the seat design on the XJ8 VDP. I mean what percentage of Jag’s demographics for that model are new parents? It clearly is more the vehicle of those in or headed for God’s waiting (rather than delivery) room. However, I think they could/should have done better with the Cayenne… after all, isn’t that presumably why people would buy a Porsche SUV rather than a sports car? :-)

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4 Responses to “Week 37”

  1. Kristinaon Jan 21st 2010 at 11:21 am

    We have a jag too. The seats are a joke!

    Hope the latches work.

    My hubby wants a Cayenne very badly. We settled for the Lincoln Navigator, which is awesome. Still had issues with carseats though.

    My MIL always says, we didn’t need carseats I just put my babies in a laundry basket on the floorboards. I’m like, uh ok, crazy lady!

  2. Myndion Jan 21st 2010 at 10:49 pm

    Ah maternity leave. I looked forward to it desperately. Getting off my feet, being able to relax, not having to deal with super cranky and rude customers…the break was much needed. How is L feeling about taking the time off? Afraid she’ll be bored, or glad to finally be able to put her feet up?

  3. Paulon Jan 22nd 2010 at 7:12 am

    On balance, I think she’s happy to be off and certainly looking forward to spending a few months with Emerson. But, handing over ‘control’ of her responsibilities was rather hard for her. She’s very into her work and greatly defined by her career (I’m interested in seeing if/how motherhood changes her outlook). Of course, I’m a lot more laid back and not as defined by my work. I have too many divergent interests. Indeed, I would have made a superlative Victorian “gentleman of leisure.” :-)

  4. Paulon Jan 22nd 2010 at 7:20 am

    I’ve always liked Navigators (as well as Escalades), but L thought they were “too big” for her to drive, whereas the Cayenne was more “right-sized.” And, I am something of a Porsche fan. Indeed, that’s how we ended up with the Cayenne as a third car — the prospect of parting with my two-seater caused me to whimper softly into my pillow at night. ;-)

    Yeah, based on the differences in childrearing, it’s actually amazing that most of us lived as kids. :-)
    That’s why we’re sending all of the ‘rents to “Modern Grandparenting” classes. No class attendance; no caring for the Emerson. It’s the advantage of being both only children. We can get away with making almost any demand.

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