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First Ultrasound

Here’s the picture!

Our Baby!

The “B” stands for, “baby.” Singular.

How cute is he / she? :-)

Everything remains on track. We saw (and heard) the heartbeat: 153 beats per minute. The growth rate seems good. All in all a very healthy pregnancy.

No twins.

After much speculation, given L’s strong beta scores, it turns out twins were not in the cards for us. As both “only children,” we always thought of ourselves as the likely parents of one child… maybe two at the most. So, this probably means that we’ll only have one kid.

Am I disappointed? Not really. Well, maybe a little. In truth, I’m probably 10 times more relieved than disappointed.

I’m confident that we can handle a singleton. Twins seemed far more daunting.

My rationale (in football metaphor form as this is “Adventures in Fatherland” after all): when I’m not traveling on business, we’ll be able to keep the kiddo under mostly double coverage. And, when I’m away, L can play man-to-man. In contrast, twins would have meant that we’d be playing man-to-man in the best of times, and L would likely have to play zone defense when I’m off the field.

Clearly, this is flawless logic. :-)

We’re just grateful.

In the end, we’re just thrilled to have a nicely rising bun in L’s oven.

Our dreams are becoming a reality. I can’t ask for more than that…

I’ll post more tomorrow about our: RE’s reaction/congratulations, first pregnancy book, “graduation” from the ART clinic, and next steps.

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2 Responses to “First Ultrasound”

  1. Myndion Jun 28th 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Totally understand your feelings about singleton vs. twins! Glad things are running on track, and that L is enjoying a healthy and happy pregnancy. May that trend continue until the baby is in your arms. Any preferences on boy vs. girl?

  2. Paulon Jul 1st 2009 at 10:22 pm


    As for boy vs. girl… I don’t have a strong preference.

    But, I suppose if given the choice, I’d actually opt for a girl. I think I’d really enjoy (and be good at) being the father of a daughter. I’m sure that I’d love a son too. But, I’m not an uber-macho, ESPN-obsessed, NASCAR-dad type. I’m a more introspective and philosophical soul, who likes art, literature, and culture. I’m “in touch” with my feelings. So, I have no “macho need” for a son… nor do I have a need/desire to carry on the family name.

    I also have my (professional) science and engineering bent too… and I think it would be kind of cool to have a daughter who went to MIT, became a biomedical engineer, or generally did something equally awesome in a math/science field. Clearly women are fully capable of perfoming such roles, and I think we’d likely foster a daughter who’d at least see those as viable options (if she so wished).

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